Poached Eggs in White Wine Recipe

I find myself poaching eggs two or three times a week. And, I know it seems obvious, but I sometimes need a nudge to poach them in something other than water. All sorts of broths and infusions are fair game, it's funny that I don't branch out more often. These, for example, were eggs poached in white wine accented with minced shallots and herbs. A simple twist that immediately transformed the humble poached egg into something just a hint special and unexpected. The nudge came from a tiny cookery volume titled The Flavors of France Volume II, published by Hastings House in 1964. Often, before I leave on a trip, I find myself cooking from cookbooks related to my pending destination, and I picked up this little gem in a thrift store in Napa, California years ago. It charmingly juxtaposes French regional architectural photos with regional recipes. This was a twist on an Oeufs Poches au Vin Rouge recipe, that I tweaked to my liking - using white wine, simplifying the instructions, and serving it open-faced on toasted bread.

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