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It’s certainly been a while since I have been back in this space!  And how I’ve missed it so.  But December being December, there have just been too many things pulling me in all sorts of directions, that I have once again neglected the cozy little haven I’ve cobbled for myself over here sim card.

Work is the main culprit…as I’ve mentioned before, December being one of, in not the most, busiest times of the year for me work-wise.  So that has left me on a hamster wheel of double shifts and late nights mortagage loan.

December is also little C’s birthday…so we were busy with preparations for that too.  Neither I, nor my budget, have ever been one for big parties (plus I have, since childhood, a healthy fear of mascots and clowns).  Little C, from what I have seen of her in children’s parties, doesn’t seem to be too fond of clowns, magicians, games, or loud party hosts either.  She is more a physical child who enjoys running around and getting sweaty than sitting and (woe is me!) following directions.  So I put myself in her 3-year-old shoes and thought, “what would I want to do if I was her?”.  I went with my gut and booked her favorite play gym for her party and was so glad I did.  Little C, and the few other kids who attended, seemed to have had a grand time!

Between all this, I have had less time for Christmas present shopping and general Christmassy things.  I am, however, happy to report that I did manage to put together some homemade gifts again this year.  Yes, part of it is a repeat from this year (although I have added a few new blends to the lot).  But it’s the thought and effort that count right?

Spice mixes make great presents in my opinion because they are not easily perishable, are a cinch to make, and encourage the recipient (hopefully) into the kitchen and affords them some freedom and creativity to do with them what they will.  I used this rub from Jen of Use Real Butter, which I’ve already gifted to friends three years ago, the Christmas that Little C came into our lives.  The other mix is what I have quite broadly dubbed as Mexican seasoning, which in fact is the Taco seasoning that I featured in my column in Yummy Magazine March this year.  The third is Sichuan chili salt which I have based on a recipe from Donna Hay Magazine (coincidentally enough from her holiday issue in 2007 – yes, I am a mad fan and have almost all her magazines offshore company).

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