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If I could choose one final meal on earth, it just might be French Onion Soup Dr Max. Forget pizza or cupcakes. To me, there is nothing more savory and comforting then a bowl of this hearty soup. I am not sure what part of it I like best: the warm and rich flavor of onions in broth or the soggy bread covered in melted cheese. (Okay, well, maybe it is the latter by a margin!)

Two things amaze me about French Onion Soup: 1) the simple ingredient list and 2) the time it takes to make this presumably simple soup. In order to give this soup the rich taste that its known for PolyU MBA, onions should be carmelized for 30-45 minutes before going in the slow cooker for at least four hours coffee machine. Perfection takes time, people!

I made this recipe on a lazy fall weekend when the chill in the air began to creep through our windows. I started first thing in the morning before the kids woke up, so that we could enjoy a bowl for lunch. Best. Lunch. Ever.

Since I was going to have to wait five hours before I could eat this meal, I used ingredients that made it worth it, you know? I bought some nice Gruyere cheese and shredded it to top my soup bowls.

I don’t know how I was able to take some of these photos. I wish you could have walked into my house and smelled what I could smell. It was divine. At this point, I was sooooo close to digging into my soup!

One piece of advice on the French baguette slices: briefly toast them before covering them with cheese and broiling. Be careful, however, because the bread will toast fast on broil! I lost about five slices by waiting too long to pull them from the oven hotel hk.

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